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Concord II LED T8 Tube Light

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Product Description:
Our T8 LED Tube Light is the perfect replacement for every fluorescent in your business, office, or warehouse.

* It can be directly placed in T8 brackets (G13 bipin lamp holder)
* No ballast / starter needed
(A fluorescent ballast / starter must be removed before using the LED T8 tube light)
* Uses 70~80% less electricity than a standard fluorescent tube light
(Note: a fluorescent ballast consumes a lot of wattage)
* Life span up to 80,000 hours!
* No flickering & FR interference, instant soft start, low heat.

The bulb lasts for nearly a lifetime at up to 80,000 hours, contains no harmful mercury, and produces little heat. This results in drastically reduced maintenance, energy, and cooling cost creating a happier planet. The fixtures does not require an ballast (which uses a lot of energy), so be sure to remove them when installing your LED replacement lamp.

Product Specifications:
LED Chip: High power LEDs (SMD)
Cool White: 2' (60cm): 660lm, 3' (90cm): 990lm
4' (120cm): 1320lm, 5' (150cm): 1650lm
Neutral White: 2' (60cm): 660lm, 3' (90cm): 990lm
4' (120cm): 1320lm, 5' (150cm): 1650lm
Warm White: 2' (60cm): 627lm, 3' (90cm): 940lm
4' (120cm): 1254lm, 5' (150cm): 1568lm
Beam Angle: 120
Bulb / Socket Type: G13 bipin lamp holder (replaces T8 fluorescent tube bulb)
Color Temperature: Cool white (6000~7000K)
Neutral white (4000~5000K)
Warm white (3000~4000K)
Life Span: up to 80,000 hours
Power Consumption: 8 Watt (2'), 12 Watt (3')
16 Watt (4'), 20 Watt (5')
Voltage: 120V (100~160VAC)
Number of LEDs: 2' (60cm): 120 LEDs, 3' (90cm): 180 LEDs
4' (120cm): 240 LEDs, 5' (150cm): 300 LEDs
Dimensions (Metric Units): Tube diameter: 1.25 inch (32mm)
Operating Temperature: -25C ~ +40C

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