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Imbros LED Light bulb (E40, 35 Watt)

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Product Description:
Note: We recommend the CREEŽ LED chips for highest light output and reliability.
Very low total power consumption: Only 35 Watts!
High Lumen output:Available in up to 2100 Lumens, 8 times higher than incandescent lamps.
Revolutionary Photometric Design: The world's first dedicated optical system (rectangular beam-focusing lens) to ensure an ideal uniformity of brightness on the road surface.
Creative Design and Integration of Heatsink: The life of the LED is extended due to effective heat dissipation as a result of the innovative design of the heatsink.
Fits All Standard E40 Sockets, Made To Be A Direct Replacement: Directly replace existing toxic lamps (high-pressure mercury, sodium, and metal halide) with no need to change the original socket or shell.
No Adverse Glare: Eliminate the dramatic glare caused by ordinary lights. This will decrease visual fatigue and sight interference while improving driving safety and reducing the incidence of accidents.
No More High Voltage, No More Dust Absorption: Eliminate dangerous high-voltage and dust-adsorption that can cause the lamps to become dark, thus reducing the brightness.
No More High Temperature, No More Aging Yellow Lamp: Eliminate the traditional baking process that caused the lampshade to age and to yellow, thereby shortening life expectancy and decreasing the brightness.

Variable Working Voltage: The brightness and working life of a traditional streetlight will be reduced if the working voltage deviates by more than 7%, but this will not affect our LED lamps.
Immediate Brightness: This fixture reaches its functioning brightness immediately. No more delay!
No Strobe: These lamps won't flicker like traditional lamps tend to.
No Ultraviolet (UV) or Infrared (IR) Radiation
Shock-resistant: No filament or glass!
High Color Index, Nice Coloration: Reveals true colors!
Tremendous Energy Savings: Save 50%-80% of the energy consumed by conventional sodium and mercury lamps.
Long Life: Up To 50000 Hours! Working for 10 hours a day, this light can be used for more than 13 years. This is 5-10 times longer than traditional sodium or mercury lamps.
Green, Environment-Friendly: No lead, no mercury, low energy consumption!
Operates At Low-Voltage and Low-Heat Levels, Safe & Reliable: LED junction temperature can be controlled. (Ideal operating temperature = TJ<70°C Ta=25°C ambient temperature)
Perfect For Use With Solar Energy!
A word about CREEŽ LEDs
Please check out our page explaining CreeŽ high-power LEDs. A must read for those who want to know about high-power LEDs.

Product Specifications:
LED Chip: High Power LEDs
Brightness: 2100 Lumens
Beam Angle: Horizontal axis: 120°
Vertical axis: 60°
Bulb / Socket Type: E40 Mogul base
Light Color: Cool White: 5000-7000K
Neutral White: 4000-5000K
Color Temperature: 4000K (Neutral White)
5000K (Cool White)
Luminous efficacy (lm/W): 80 lm/w
Life Span: ~ 50,000 hours
Power Consumption: Total Wattage: 35 Watt
(LEDs: 28 Watt, LED driver: 7 Watt)
Voltage: 85 - 265VAC (universal)
Number of LEDs: 28 LEDs
Weight: 1kg
Dimensions (Metric Units): Diameter:90mm
Length: 275 mm
Rotation: 360° (after the lamp is fully tightened to the socket)
Housing: Aluminum Alloy, PC
Protection Rating: IP60

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