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Flourescent F32T Replacement Lamp

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Product Description:
The ilumisys MK1 is mercury free and energy efficient, and is designed to work in fixtures with standard T8 fluorescent tube ballasts.

MK2-120 and MK2-277 run off of building power without the need for ballasts at 120V and 277V. Perfect for T12 replacement programs, or where the removal of T8 ballasts is justified by the elimination of an inefficient failure point.

Product Specifications:
1200 lumens

F32T8 replacement (48in x 1in tube)
(others available upon request)

color temperature
(others available upon request)

60,000hr life
3yr warranty

candle power at work surface is equivalent to a 32watt T8 fluorescent tube

MK1 works with standard fixtures and ballasts (no rewiring necessary), and is not for use with direct connection to building AC power.

MK2 is for use with direct connection of tube to AC line

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