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LED-MR16-BRS MR16 lamp

Energy Tech Solutions LLC
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Product Description:
Combining superior light quality with long life and virtually no heat transmission.

MR16 lamps are a great option for retail lighting applications thanks to their cool operations and fingerprint-resistance. These 12-volt lamps are specially-engineered with our patent-pending lensing technology to create a smooth, consistent dispersion of light across the face of the lamp. The superior heat management of MR16 lamps ensures long life and makes them the perfect choice for lighting display cases and heat-sensitive merchandise.

This product offers versatility and the ability to adapt to any existing low voltage application with the added benefits of energy-savings, limited maintenance and durability. MR16 lamps are available in warm, cool and daylight white color temperatures.

Application Information
Retail Display Cases - Lighting Jewelry/Candy/Food
Retail - Highlighting of Merchandise
Hospitality - Lighting Artwork and Accenting Focal Points in Hotel Lobbies
Restaurants and Bars - Pendant Lighting; Displays
Indoor Courtyard and Foliage Applications

Product Specifications:
* Consumes only 3.2 watts
* Brightness equivalent to 20-watt incandescent lamp
* In excess of 50,000 hours useful life
* Correlated Color Temperatures
Incandescent: 2800K-3200K
Warm White Fluorescent: 3200K-3800K
White Fluorescent: 3800K-4600K
Cool White: 4600K-5600K
* Bi-pin base
* UV free
* Reduced Glare
* Eco-friendly
* Available in 12 V DC
* RoHS compliant
* Five year warranty
* Fingerprint Resistant
* Eco-friendly
* Flame Retardant Base

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