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LED PAR 38-BRS PAR 38 lamp

Energy Tech Solutions LLC
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Product Description:
PAR38 lamps rival the brightness of energy-saving incandescent products without the disruptive glare for more captivating designs. A sophisticated, futuristic design lends itself to track applications and the medium base allows for incorporation into all compatible recessed fixtures.

Lack of heat transmission, durability, long life and shock and vibration resistance make this line of PAR lamps ideal for a variety of retail, hospitality, office and specialty applications.

Product Specifications:
* Consumes only 10 watts
* Brightness equivalent to 75-watt incandescent lamp
* 50,000+ hours useful life
* Shock and vibration proof
* Reduced glare
* Nickel-plated brass socket construction (E26, E27)
* Correlated color temperatures
* Available in 120v, 220v and 277v
* RoHS compliant
* Five year warranty
* Fingerprint resistant
* Eco-friendly
* Flame retardant base

Color Options:

* Incandescent:Soft White 2800K-3200K
* Warm White Fluorescent: 3200K-3800K
* White Fluorescent: 3800K-4600K
* White/Daylight: 4600K-5600K

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