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LED 20W 4' Light Tube

Energy Tech Solutions LLC
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Product Description:
20watt 4' LED Bi-Pin Light Tube. Completely recyclable and they do NOT contain mercury. Requires no ballast and emits very little heat. Ask about utility rebates and tax incentives available.

Product Specifications:
LED diodes per lamp: 312
Comparative light output: 2900 lumens
Color Temperatures:
Cool white: 5500K
Warm white: 4100K

* 50,000 - 80,000 hour lamp life
* Requires no ballast
* Contains no mercury
* Durable acrylic casing
* Operation termperatures: -31 deg F to 145 deg F
* Emits very little hear
* Directional light with less wasted light
* Driver is UL Approved

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