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Dynasty 1156 Led Lamp

CAO Group
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Product Description:
The new Dynasty® 1156 LED Lamp is designed specially for indoor/outdoor lighting, RV, and marine applications. This compact lamp operates on a 12V to 24V system, and can be installed into any standard 1156 socket. It is designed with CAO Group’s patented Dynasty® high flux LED, which is completely removable, energy efficient, water resistant, and features a multi-directional beam pattern. The lamp has no filament or glass parts making it vibration resistant. There are no hazardous materials, and is RoHS compliant. Available in white, red, amber, blue, green, and cyan – the interchangeable Dynasty® LED makes it easy to change colors without buying a new lamp!

Applications :

* Landscape/Pathway Lighting
* Recreational Vehicle Lighting
* Architecture Lighting
* Marine/Boat Lighting

Benefits :

* RoHS Compliant
* Long Life
* Environmentally Friendly
* Energy Efficient
* Non-Hazardous Waste

Product Specifications:
* Water Resistant
* Vibration Resistant
* High Lumen Output
* Unique Butterfly-Beam™ (360° Horizontal and 275° Vertical)
* Interchangeable Dynasty® LED Light
* Operates on 12V to 24V Systems
* AC and DC Compatible
* Superior Performance in Outdoor Environments
* No Glass or Fragile Parts
* Available in White, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, and Cyan

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