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Product Description:
A multi voltage operating LED PAR20 has been introduced for the very first time with a very high efficiency.

LED lighting has entered into a completely new generation technology with the introduction of a range of highly sophisticated LED lighting by introducing the new LED PAR series of Light bulbs, never seen before.

The LED PAR 20 is one of our many great creations being introduced.

Our PAR20 LED lamp is integrated with the most advance LED source and assembled with our key components of drivers (power), thermal and optics, PAR20 provides the quantity and quality of light produced by traditional halogen lamp.


- High C.R.I. >75

- Long life, min 20Khrs up to 50K hrs

- Various beam angle: 40, 60, 120 Degrees

- Replacement with 40 W Halogen

- Energy Saving, Total power consumption up to 9 Watt

- No UV or IR

- RoHS Compliant

- For export and re-export

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