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Flexzoid flexible lighting strips

Canada LEDs
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Product Description:
Applications of FlexZoidŽ

- Concealed lighting

- Showcase lighting

- Contour lighting

- Cove lighting

- Under cabinet lighting- for kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms

- Edge-lighting of transparent or diffused materials

- Path & contour marking

- Illuminated signs


- Can be separable every 3 LEDs along the cut mark

- Made of printed circuit board with self adhesive back

- Compact size

- Available in various colors- (White, Warm White, Green, Blue, yellow, violet pink and RGB)

Basic Technical Data

o Standard length: 5 meters/reel

o Width: 8mm

o Printed circuit board total thickness: less than 2.50 mm (just over 1/16th inch)

o Working voltage: 12V DC

o Power consumption: 1.44 Watts/foot

o LED quantity per length of 5 meters: 300 pcs for Single Color

o LED quantity per length of 5 meters: 150 for RGB Color

o Size of smallest unit 3 LED (L X W): 72mm X 8mm

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