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The GeoBulb Wedge Base 12-Volt (12v) LED Light Bulb

C. Crane
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Product Description:
The GeoBulb® Wedge Base 12-Volt (12v) LED Light Bulb...

* Replaces 4-, 5-, 7- and 11-Watt T3 - T5 Lamps!
* Saves You Over 75% In Your Energy Costs!
* Lasts 10 Times Longer Than Regular Bulbs!
* Works With 12 to 16-Volt AC or DC Systems!

This is a story about a small company with a big idea.

We are all hoping to make better use of technology to cut down on our energy consumption and preserve more natural resources. At C. Crane we're doing our part for energy conservation as well. Our contribution? Something we call Premium Quality-High Brightness (PQ-HB) LED Bulbs. Unlike your average bulbs, which generally have to be replaced once a year, our new PQ-HB LED light bulbs will last over ten years - saving you money every day that they're on, and take a huge bite out of your energy consumption (and electric bill). While the first generation of LED light bulbs was better suited for reading and task lights and other direct lighting situations, our new PQ-HB GeoBulbs offer you direct replacements for conventional incandescent wedge base bulbs. The very first of these new PQ-HB light bulbs is our GeoBulb® Wedge Base LED Light Bulb.

GeoBulb® Wedge Base LED Light Bulb Dimensions The GeoBulb® Wedge Base type bulb is designed to fit into all wedge-based fixtures, such as Malibu® type outdoor light fixtures. The GeoBulb Wedge Base uses less than 1/4 of the energy of a standard 4-watt wedge base, while producing more light than even an 11-watt incandescent bulb if used in an up or down light fixture. It put out more than four watts of light horizontally as found in a typical garden light.

The GeoBulb® Wedge Base lasts up to ten years, it is mercury free, and it generates very little heat. Based on wattage there is no reason you can't install 16 light fixtures on one transformer rather than the normal four. This saves in the initial cost, energy and the hassle of additional transformers and wiring. Made in Fortuna, California.

Warranty: We back the GeoBulb® with an unprecedented, unconditional 3-year warranty against burnout. The 3-year warranty is valid even if used 24 hours a day for three consecutive years.

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