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iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Lights

ATG Electronics

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Product Description:
ATG Electronics™ iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Light is enclosing LEDs into the glass tube housing to emit light like the conventional T series fluorescent light. iBright™ T8 is general illumination for using in RVs, Buses, Trains, Task Lighting, Store Displays, Warehouse Illumination and Under Cabinets.

Features & Benefits:

High Brightness
iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Lights consist of high quality LEDs and can emit higher brightness at lower cost.

Easy Installation
iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Lights can be easily installed like the conventional T8 fluorescent light into the sockets.

Extended Life
With little heat, proper drive characteristics and high quality LEDs, iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Lights have a life time of around 50,000 hours depending on the working environment.

Humidity/Moisture Resistant
With IP54 protection degree, iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Lights can operate normally in the moist indoor environment.

Energy Saving
iBright™ T8 LED Fluorescent Lights consume power from 8W to 15W, can save much more energy than the conventional fluorescent lights.
Custom Design Service:

Length: less than 2 meters (6.56 ft) available as per request
Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, pink and violet etc
Operation Voltage: 277VAC available as per request
Housing: Plastic tube available as per request

Product Specifications:
Input Voltage: 120VAC/240VAC
Color: White
LED Qty: 174LEDs, 276LEDs, 342LEDs
Lumens: 696 lm~1368 lm
Power Consumption: 8W~15W
Beam Angle: 110°
Dimension: 1500mm (4.92 ft), 1200mm (3.93 ft), or 600mm (1.96 ft)
Work Environment: Indoor use (applicable for dry environment)

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