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iBright™ E25i LED Fluorescent Lights

ATG Electronics

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Product Description:
ATG Electronics® iBright™ E25i LED Fluorescent Lights are the next generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent light. With a tube diameter of just 16mm (0.625 inch), they are special suitable for applications in low-profile fixtures, such as those used for cove lighting and illuminating display cases.

Compact Size
Compact size, with the same light output as comparable T8 lamps but up to 50 % smaller
They are rather suitable when using in confined space or rooms with lower ceilings. They distribute lumen output uniformly and achieve comfortable light effect.

High Reliability
iBright™ E25i are more reliable, as
1) they are made of high quality SMD LEDs, with low light decrease and good heat dissipation;
2) they are using specially designed aluminum housing with good heat dissipation, and have no heat buildup inside;
3) they are using specially designed loop circuit, one LED fail won’t make the whole fluorescent light fail.

Higher Efficacy
iBright™ E25i are using high quality SMD LEDs, of high efficacy (typical 90lm/w).
They are well-suited for use anywhere, offices, galleries, shop windows, hotels, meeting rooms and especially low temperature areas, just like conventional fluorescent lights. Just choose iBright™ E25i for general illumination, task lighting, display lighting and back lighting.

CE Certified & UL Complied
iBright™ E25i are tested with listed standards and found in compliance with the council EMC directive 2004/108/EC and LVD directive 2006/95/EC.
The external power supplies used are CE and UL certified and class II listed, supplying 36VDC (max.), which compiles to UL subjects 1598 & 8750.

Recommended Applications:
General illumination for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, buses, trains, warehouses, parking lots etc;
Task lighting for cabinets, cupboards etc in your homes, restaurants, and kitchens or any other places where accent lighting is required.
Retail display lighting for the articles in your stores and shops;
Back lighting for square billboards or advertisement boards.

Product Specifications:
Lighting Source: SMD LEDs
LED Qty: 30 LEDs, 60 LEDs, 80 LEDs
Length: 600 mm (1.96 ft), 1200 mm (3.93 ft), 1500 mm (4.92 ft)
Input Voltage: Max.36VDC
Lumens: 650~800lm, 1300~1500lm, 1750~1950 lm
Power Consumption: 9W±1W, 18W±1W, 24W±1W
Power Factor: >0.95
Housing: Aluminum

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