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DC Dimmer, DC to DC for LED Lighting Products


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Product Description:
From 5Vdc to 40Vdc, Up to 2Amps (Continuous)
Miniature Four-Wire Dimmer
Patent # US 7,102,902,B1

* Dimming Range: 0-100% of Input
* Input Voltage: Any DC Voltage between 5VDC and 40VDC
* Output Voltage: Continuously adjustable between zero and full-on
* Minimal no-load current (10-15mA)
* Can drive up to 2000 Standard White LEDs or 50 High-Flux LEDS
* Industry-standard hockey puck package
* PWM design generates very minimal heat
* Encapsulated design resists vibration.
* Setting is retained during power failure.
* Easy to wire: Simple screw terminals
* Efficiency is approx. 95% at most settings, to minimize waste heat and save battery power.
* Control up to 2A maximum.
* No configuration needed when used with any Voltage between 5V,and 40V (batteries or DC power supplies). Just plug in and go.

Product Specifications:
* TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mode of Operation: Microprocessor controlled Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) giving 0 to 100% control of brightness.
* Supply Voltage: 5 to 40 VDC (working).
* Power Capacity: 2A @ 5-40VDC is standard.
* Output Voltage Range: From zero to essentially supply voltage.
* Continuous Output Current: (2 Amps) Full rated current up to 105F (40C) ambient.
* Ambient Temperature Range: 32 F (0C) to 122F (50C)
* Load Types: Optimized for LED devices. Drives most resistive loads. Not for use with inductive devices (motors etc.).
* Reverse Polarity Protection: Input leads can be reverse connected without damage up to 40V.
* Transient Protection: MOV protected.
* Size: Basic size is 2.3" (58mm) long by 1.9" (48mm) wide by 1.1" (28mm) high (excluding knob) in an industry-standard hockey puck configuration.
* Weight: Basic weight is about 3.8 oz. [108g]
* Line Regulation: Directly proportional to supply voltage.
* Voltage Drift: Nil with steady input voltage.
* Power Dissipation of Drive Circuitry: Less than 0.7W. No-load current draw is 10-15mA.

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