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LED Sealed Beam-Style PAR46 Marker & Flood Lights


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Product Description:
Display Lighting, Stage Lighting, Low Power Headlights, Railcars, Trains, Carts, Alarms
Drop-In Incandescent Replacement Up to 90% Energy Savings

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PAR46-75 Sealed Beam-Style PAR46 Marker, Flood Light

* Three Year Lamp Warranty
* Drop in replacement for incandescent bulb # 60PAR/2/R
* Meets and/or exceeds SAE intensity requirements in voltage ranges from 25 to 38 volts
* Generates a negligible amount of heat
* Solid-state, high shock & vibration resistant
* Low power (Wattage) draw puts less load on the electrical system
* LED operating life: 100,000 hrs (10+ yrs )
* Exceeds 60PAR/2/R intensity
* Sealed unit moisture / dust resistant

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