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LED Light Bulbs, E26 Edison Base, for Darkroom & Safelight, R20 style


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BSD-1293 Centerline Red & Green Lamps
BSD-1293E Task Light with E27 Euro Base
BSD-1260 Right-Angled Swivel-Head
BSD-1260E Rt-Angled Task Light with E27 Euro Base

* Three Year Lamp Warranty
* Fixed or Adjustable Intensity
* Built-in Current Limiting Resistor for Direct 120VAC Applications (Other Voltages Optional)
* Choice of Narrow (12), Standard (30), Medium (50) or Wide Angle (120) Illumination
* Stability of LED Wavelength Eliminates Costly Filters
* LED Operating Life: 100,000+ Hours (10+ Years)
* Monochromatic, Narrow Bandwidth Light Gives More Open Time Before Fogging Film
* Very Low Power Consumption
* Solid-State, High Shock / Vibration Resistant
* Direct Mount in Industry Standard Sockets Without Modification
* Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-22F to ~+104F [~-30C to ~+40C]

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