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LED Light Bulb, MR16 Base, 12V AC/DC, 5W Max


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Product Description:
Narrow-, Standard-, Medium-Beams Cool White or Warm White
Direct Drop-In Replacement in MR16 Fixtures Consumes Less than 5 Watts Up to 90% Power Savings
Ideal for use with Alternate / Renewable Energy Resources: Solar & Wind Power
Major Energy Reduction, Reduces Light Pollution, "Dark Skies" Initiative Compatible

All Series under this Category:
MR16-6W Warm & Cool White; Spotlights, Floodlights

* Three Year Lamp Warranty
* Major Power Savings
* Constant Light Output
* Solid-State, Fast Turn On, No Power Surge
* Replaces MR16 halogen bulbs up to 35 watts (and up to 50W in certain applications)
* White LED Operating Life: Up to 50,000+ hrs (5.7+ years)
* No Ultraviolet or Infrared Emission
* High Shock / Vibration Resistant, Both Electrical and Mechanical
* Designed for Linear and Switching Clean or Noisy Power Supplies
* Easy Installation Using Existing MR16 Fixture
* Stays cooler then other 3 Watt MR16 bulbs
* UV Stabilized Plastic Lens
* Magnesium alloy lamp shell much lighter and harder than aluminum
* Magnesium alloy has higher heat dispersion, stays cooler than other 6W MR16 bulbs
* RoHS compliant / CE Certified
* High Color Rendering Index of 75 for Warm White, 80 for Cool White

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