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LED Light Bulbs, For Malibu Style Garden & Walkway Fixtures, 12VAC


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Product Description:
Only 0.8Watt Replaces 7Watt T5 Incandescent Bulbs with T3 Wedge Base
3000K Warm White Consumes Only 0.8 Watts Up to 90% Power Savings
Ideal for use with Small, Localized Alternate / Renewable Energy Resources: Solar & Wind Power

* Lamp Warranty: 3 Years
* 12VAC Input Power
* Directly Fits into a Standard LV526 T5 Wedge Base
* Multi-LED High Output: Linear-Configured, Features 12 White 5mm LEDs on Double-sided PCB
* Long Operating Life: White LED up to 50,000+ Hours (5.7+ Years)
* Glare-Free Design: Enhances Night Vision
* High-Efficiency/Efficacy: Designed to Maximize Path Illumination
* Solid-State Design: High Shock/Vibration Resistant
* Weather-Sealed: Resistant to Water and Humidity, Impervious to Environmental Extremes
* Weight: 0.019 lbs [8.5g]
* Ambient Temperature Range: ~-22F to ~+104F [~-30C to ~+40C]

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