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LED Tube Lights, Super White, Narrow Beam, 12Vdc, 6" to 48" Long


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Product Description:
General Illumination in RVs, Buses, Trains, Task Lighting, Under Cabinets
Energy-Efficient, Incandescent or Fluorescent Replacement
Ideal for use with Alternate and Renewable Energy resources like Solar Power & Wind Power
Major Reduction in Energy Use, Reduces Light Pollution, "Dark Skies" Initiative Friendly

All Series under this Category:
TBL506 6inches, 15 beam, Wire Leads 1-side
TBL512 12inches, 15 beam, Wire Leads 1-side
TBL524 24inches, 15 beam, Wire Leads 1-side
TBL548 48inches, 15 beam, Wire Leads 1-side
MTG-CLIP-STP-001 3/4"-Wide Clip for Light Strips
PLT-1003-301 1 Amp Power Supply; 120VAC-12Vdc
PLT-1003-303 2.4 Amp Power Supply; 120VAC-12Vdc
PLT-1003-304 5.2 Amp Power Supply; 120VAC-12Vdc
PWR-12VCV 0.5-0.25A Power Supply; 90-265VAC-to-12Vdc
ADPT-STP-002 12-inch Wire w/ Female Coaxial Connector

* Three Year Warranty
* Housing Material: Polycarbonate, UV protected, scratch & impact resistant
* Mounting Clip Material: Polycarbonate, UV protected, scratch & impact resistant
* Enclosure is sealed and water resistant
* LEDs are solid-state, shock and vibration resistant light sources Runs on 12Volt DC systems like solar cells, 12Volt batterys or 120Volt AC-to-12Volt DC power pack converters
* No threat of high-voltage electrocution
* LEDs have low power consumption, high intensity
* White LED life of 50,000+ hrs (color LED life, 100,000+ hrs) continuous burn
* Major reduction in power costs
* LEDs produce little or no heat
* No RF interference No buzzing noise
* No fluorescent flickering
* Instant lighting from a cold start
* Maintenance free
* No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment
* No danger of broken glass
* Quick mounting brackets provide ease of installation and lower installation costs
* Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-22F to ~+104F [~-30C to ~+40C]

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