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Product Description:
Advanced Technology Products is proud to announce the release of our T-SMART SMD LED product line designed to replace harmful fluoresent bulbs. ATP is focused on providing industry leading products that are designed to provide life cycle value, energy efficiency and reliability. No ballasts or external drivers are required. With 650 million fluorescent tubes disposed of every year in the United States alone, why not choose a "green" solution to protect the environment. Let that green solution be the T-Smart LED Tube.

T-Smart 6 Lumen SMD LED Bulbs - T8/T12 Replacement

Product Specifications:
Power Range: 90 Volts – 250 Volts
Connection Type: Medium Bi -Pin socket
Operating Temperature: -31° F - 122° F / -35° C - 50° C
Life Expectancy: Up to 80,000 hours

Colors Available
Warm White (3500k)
Cool white (4100 k)
Pure White (6000 k)

CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Plastic, Scratch resistant, Shatter proof

Custom Specs Available
Size, Color, Pin Alignment, Tube Material, # of LED's

* Long life span of up to 80,000 hours reduces maintenance and re-lamping costs
* Does not require ballast therefore no need to replace
* Energy Efficient; LED lights use approximately 1/3 the energy of a comparable fluorescent
* Direct replacement using the existing T8 / T12 fixture, simply remove the ballast
* Solid State capacitor allows for different input voltages
* Different colors offered allow you to choose the one that best fits your application
* No toxic gases such as mercury, making bulbs easy to dispose
* Cold temperature efficiency; LED’s display brighter in cold temperature applications
* Flicker free when turned on; even on cold starts
* LED’s produce approximately 10% of the heat generated by a comparable fluorescent allowing additional savings to be seen on A/C Costs
* Wide angle beam maximizes the display
* No “Phantom Load”
* Vibration and Shock Resistant
* CE, RoHs Approved

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