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Redbird LED

1202 Gail Drive NE
Atlanta, GA, 30319

Tel: 678-733-2473

Fax: 814-286-5928

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Company Description:
RedBird LED is committed to providing its customers quality LED lighting systems for both new construction and retrofits of incandescent and fluorescent systems. We have an experienced team of electrical, optical, and mechanical engineers, licensed P.E.s, licensed builders, and LEED APs. We do more than just sell LEDs, we provide lighting design services, lighting cost analysis, and can produce custom luminaires with our in-house machining capabilities. Our current project list represents a wide variety of customers: the world headquarters of a major US company, multi-million dollar relations with general contractors, museums, retail shops, office buildings, manufacturing/production facilities, automotive dealerships, and many residential homes across the US. And, of course, our building is 100% LED.

RedBird LED (originally RedBird Industries) started with a line of craftsman exterior lighting products that are the creation of the founder, Jonathan Eppstein. Now RedBird LED has many employees and distributors throughout the US. We have a concentration in the southeast and work with many regional customers to solve their lighting needs and save them thousands of dollars a year in electrical expenses. Our facilities include a full machine shop and several optical test equipment pieces to ensure quality lighting products. We have an incoming and outgoing QA team.

To discuss your next lighting project, email our project manager Ljilja Kascak, at, or David Halpern at However, if you are in Florida and have a lighting project involving new construction, email our project manager and licensed builder, Walter Barletta, at

RedBird LED, Inc. began in 2004 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, our parent company ATI Co. began business in 1987. Please send correspondence regarding business development directly to our president (Jonathan) at