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American Illumination Inc

8018 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.
Suite 100
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808

Tel: (714) 728-2282

Fax: (714) 779-8249

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Company Description:

In 2004, the founder of American Illumination, Inc. began with the idea that LED lights should be available and configurable to any application, whether it is residential indoor lighting or outdoor illumination. The desire was not only to collaborate with lighting and design professionals to create superb products, but also to make LED lighting solutions more readily available so that everyday people and the environment could benefit. The first LED engine prototypes emerged in 2005 after extensive research into the LED lighting industry and internal product testing. Later coined "Light Plugz", these light engines saw numerous improvements through trial and error in 2006, and soon materialized as the first generation of LED light engines ready for public use. By 2007, American Illumination was already shipping the one-of-a-kind Light Plugz across the country to companies hungry to embrace the latest LED technology. To date, the product line has expanded into many different models of LED engines that can be used for practically any application, including a wide variety of accessories such as lenses, heat sinks and adaptors that allow clients to create customized LED fixtures limited only by one's imagination.

American Illumination, Inc. is a LED design and manufacturing company that specializes in Title 24 OEM LED light engines for everyday fixtures, retrofits and beyond. Our extensive knowledge in LED technology and backbone in electrical engineering also allows us to offer custom design solutions for OEM companies in search of a unique LED lamp. Everyday we strive for excellence in service, vision, integrity, and creating high quality and dependable LED engines.