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258 Ushers Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Tel: 518.406.8065

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Company Description:
Due to Marktech Led Lighting's success our company has taken exciting new steps toward expanding its business. One modification that you may have noticed is that our business's name has changed to Panoptics LED Lighting. Panoptics is focused on promoting the best LED lighting to the commercial industry. We take pride in our company's history and find it important to assure you that we are still the same great business. Panoptics will continue to sell the same high quality products that Marktech Led Lighting previously offered. In January 2010 we are introducing our newest lighting showroom located 10 miles north of the current Marktech LED Building.

For 25 years our staff has been a leader in the design, development and the manufacturing for some of the highest quality LED products being used today. Since LEDs first emerged and were mainly used as indicators, our experienced staff has been instrumental in creating LED products that fit the needs of our customers. With great advancements in chip technology throughout the years, LEDs are now a vital source for energy efficient solid state lighting. It's important that the industry installs LED Lighting products which have been designed, manufactured and tested by experienced LED experts.

Our products are being used in all types of refrigeration, coolers, and display cases throughout the world. For general lighting, our products are installed in hospitals, libraries, museums, convenient stores and supermarkets to name a few areas.

Our customers can be assured that all of the products we sell are completely backed by our engineering and technical staff.

Why LED Lighting?
If every household or business in the U.S. replaced just one or two incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, the amount of electricity saved would be more that the output of the largest U.S. nuclear power plant. The average incandescent light bulb converts only 4-6 percent of the power consumed into light, the rest to heat. LED bulbs convert approximately 30 percent. Where down lights consume on average 65-75 watts, LED replacement bulbs average around 12 watts. In applications where lighting is used to display items over long hours such as retail or museums, payback of the LED products generally range from 12-24 months and last in excess of 35,000 hours greatly reducing maintenance and replacement costs. For additional information on our LED lighting products, please use the documents supplied on our website or contact us regarding your application.