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Company Description: is owned and operated by Peter and Suzanne Ellinwood and is located in Concord, New Hampshire.

The idea for the company came from our desire to make personal consumer choices that were better for the environment. We decided to start with replacing our incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent energy-saving light bulb options, but we were sad to find that most of the CFL lighting products available in our local stores were too big, too ugly and cast a sickly blue light.

By trial and lots of error, we found some beautiful CFL, halogen and LED bulbs (from well-known light bulb companies) that help create a warm and inviting interior in our home and that also save money and energy.

Finding a void in the marketplace for simple, actionable advice on energy-saving light bulb choices inspired us to create a website that could help other homeowners in their quest to be greener without sacrificing pleasing light quality.
We are Dedicated to Offering the Highest Quality, Low-Energy Halogen, LED and CFL Lighting Products

We are committed to leaving the planet in better shape than we found it – it’s an obligation we feel we owe our five children. We are running our business in the greenest way we can:

* We will not sell bulbs trapped in plastic blister packs that require a hunting knife and an engineering degree to open;
* We will provide our customers with estimates of the dollar and CO2 savings they can expect to realize from their CFL lighting and other lamp purchases;
* We will offset our carbon footprint by purchasing offsets from reliable sources;
* We will use eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials;
* We will recycle everything we use in our business and our home that can be recycled;
* We will reduce our consumption of the earth’s resources;
* We will offer end-of-life recycling solutions to make proper disposal of spent CFL lighting products safe and easy.

Our commitment includes the promise to continue to offer hard-to-find, best-in-breed, low-energy halogen, LED and CFL lighting products from leading light bulb companies. And because we know from experience that choosing the right replacement energy-saving light bulb is tricky, we will offer smart, unbiased advice to enable confident decision making. Let us help you Greenlight Your World™!