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Marl International Limited

Marl Business Park
Cumbria LA12 9BN
United Kingdom (GB)

Tel: +44 (0)1229 582 430

Fax: +44 (0)1229 585 155

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Company Description:
It's heading towards 40 years since Marl started designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance LED devices to the professional electronics industry!

So we started only 46 years after Russian radio technician Losev, allegedly first noticed a dull red light emission from his radio set.

In today's highly competitive environment, we understand the pressures and priorities which our customers can face.

They like our flexible approach, our unique ability to provide a solution at the component, sub-system, product, or system level and the first class customer service which supports our technical expertise.

Of course it helps if you have a fantastic team of 97 dedicated, highly trained staff and a 100,000 square feet facility located in the English Lake District.

Access to some of the cutting edge technology from companies such as Citizen and Lumotech helps us to help you with product innovation to ensure you maintain competitive advantage and in a world of increasing complexity, including impact and opportunity from legislative, political and environmental issues. The fundamental opto-electrical characteristics of LEDs for conventional indicator applications are universally recognised by the engineering design communities. The challenge is to bring together the performance road mapping and all relevant factors to understand and build a business case which will accelerate the adoption of LED based lighting systems for illumination, task and eventually, general lighting applications.

Our aim is to help our customers select the very best technology and product for each and every application and provide a high performance, reliable and cost effective solution.