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Aeon Lighting Technology

16F-8., No.2, Jian 8th Rd.,
Chung-Ho City, Taipei County 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-8226-1289

Fax: Aeon Lighting Tech.

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Company Description:
With roots in the server industry, where the need for high power LED’s all started, Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) has grown in to one of the top manufacturers in the world today. With strong R&D capabilities and a focus on precision and quality, ALT is leading the field in the high power LED lighting industry.
Currently experiencing tremendous growth, ALT will not slow down in its pursuit of perfection, and will continue to develop lighting products that can help reduce humankind’s carbon footprint. We know we all have a responsibility to protect the fragile planet we live on, and ALT is at the front of the pack, leading the way forward.
Our future product generations will continue to save energy whilst at the same time emitting the brightness and colour you like and are used to. We are committed to develop future products that take LED lighting to the next level.