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Nu Vue Lighting

4275 W. Bell Dr
Suite 11
Las Vegas NV 89118

Tel: 1-866-996-8883

Fax: 702-873-9703

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Company Description:
Nu Vue Lighting is a joint venture between the Davis Family and PLUZ, SA de CV a Mexican lighting manufacturer established in 1978. PLUZ brings 30 years of experience to the lighting industry with strong participation in the Mexican market and several other Latin American markets.

Nu Vue Lighting was created to market and sell in to the US and Canada, with very innovative marketing concepts and strategies for the Energy Efficient needs of this new era of high Energy prices and very limited capacity to deliver power of the Utility companies. This has motivated most of the utility companies in the US to provide incentives for end users to motivate them to conserve Energy.

Nu Vue Lighting has been established to bring a NEW VIEW to the lighting business through innovative products designed around solutions that help with rising energy costs. Nu Vue Lighting prides itself on providing products made with good quality standards at the best price possible. Innovative Marketing is a very critical component to our business. Our sales staff focuses on educating the end user on how to implement and use these new technologies in their businesses and daily lives. There are also several rebate and incentive programs provided by local utility companies around the country that promote businesses to implement energy efficient lighting solutions. Let one of our experts help you to develop a plan to implement this into your business and to “Make the world greener, starting with your wallet”

Nu Vue Lighting primarily distributes its brand throughout the US and Canadian markets, with very innovative marketing concepts and strategies for the energy efficient needs of this new era of high energy prices and a very limited capacity to deliver power from utility companies. We firmly believe in taking steps to educate our resellers as well as our customers, in order to provide an effective solution to the end user.


The lighting solutions that we focus on are based around 3 core technologies:

• CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lamp
• LED - Light Emitting Diode
• Induction - Electrodeless Magnetic Induction Lighting

Whether you are a fortune 500 company, small business, or homeowner looking for ways to use energy efficient lighting, we have a solution for you. Please contact us at 1-866-996-8883 and speak to one of our sales staff so we can start working with you or put one of our many resellers around the country in touch with you.