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LED Lighting1

eBulb, Inc.
425 Greenpoint Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Tel: 1-888-505-2111

Fax: 1-718-707-0404

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Company Description:
A History of Trustworthy Relationships
LED Lighting1 is the largest wholesaler provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs for the US market for over five years. Since day one, our goal has been to earn the trust of our customers. For that matter, we offer a competitive pricing along with top notch customer service. We are committed to providing honest and upfront service during every interaction with our customers. We understand that long-term customer satisfaction depends on our ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service staff that is assisted by the best support system. The following overview is how we describe our business:

The Professional Source
Knowing that professional customers are justifiably the most demanding customers we serve, and knowing that their repeat business will be essential to our success, we adopted the phrase "The Professional's Source" to describe our business focus and have used it as a promise we are dedicated to keeping. It is a daily reminder that we must give every customer and every visitor the kind of respect and dependable assistance that would please a professional. Millions of satisfied customers are testimony to the success of our efforts.

A World Leader
These policies have made the world's leading retailer for vast variety of light bulbs, Indoor as well as Outdoor and Lighting equipment, serving professionals and consumers through our International site store. We have 8 warehouses facilities which being controlled by our central warehouse in NY - Imagine a warehouse as large as a football field!

An Extensive Inventory
We have an extensive inventory of light bulbs, as well as lighting products, all available at discounted prices at our online store (, and almost always ready for rapid delivery to you. A glance at the list of our departments in the left margin above only begins to show the variety of our stock. Click on any of these links and you will find that there are extensive sub-departments within departments, including every type of lighting product and accessory and all the related supplies. More than 14,750 items are available for shipment every business day, all from our warehouse facilities.