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WDM Lighting

2603 Oak Lawn Ave, Ste. 120
Dallas, Texas 75219

Tel: 972.650.1855

Fax: 972.767.3299

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Company Description:
WDM Lighting was established in 2002 and designs, produces, distribute specialty lighting solutions worldwide. In other words, we help paint a little color on the world...

About WDM Lighting
WDM Lighting is an extensive brand of top-of- the-line LED and Fiber Optic lighting solutions. Founders Dante Walkup and Mark Reed originally ventured in to the “cutting edge” world of LED lighting out of their own necessity for interior and exterior LED technology at affordable pricing.
Since going “green”, the exponential growth has resulted in to a successful $3.5 million company and an LED lighting solutions resource for designers and projects around the world. The internet has played a major role in the development of a nationwide network of WDM resellers that are a crucial part of this exciting business.

The WDM brand line is now available exclusively through WDM Lighting Reseller Program. Read on to learn more about WDM Lighting, and what is making many US manufacturers “green” with envy…