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Solid State Luminaires

3609 Swenson Avenue
Saint Charles, IL 60174

Tel: 630-889-8100

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Company Description:
In the emerging space of solid-state lighting, customers need to ensure that the products they select come from a source they can trust and depend on. Solid State Luminaires realizes that building this trust requires an intense and focused effort to back up any claims of performance and quality. As substantiation of our commitment, we offer an industry leading 5 year warranty.

To achieve these high levels of LED performance and quality, we invested three years of exhaustive research, built an extraordinary network of worldwide partners and utilized the best technology available in the market. The result is high-end, environmentally conscientious products, bottom line value and guaranteed peace of mind.

We produce the next generation of LED technology at an affordable cost. Three years of exhaustive research, a network of worldwide partners and utilization of the best technology available has culminated to form Solid State Luminaires, your premier LED solution provider.

Unlike stand-alone conventional incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent sources, the performance of LED-based lighting depends heavily on fixture design to minimize performance-robbing thermal build-up and control excessive and wasteful beam spread. Check out our product line up to see some of the highest performing, most efficient products in the market.

Our interior LED solutions offer not only affordability and energy efficiency, but also a high level of flexibility in optical controls.

Our dramatic exterior lighting solutions offer opportunities to create a complete, fully integrated building and grounds treatment.