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Lighthouse WorldWide LLC

243 Naugatuck Avenue
Milford, CT 06460 USA

Tel: 203-283-5501

Fax: 203-878-0458

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Company Description:
The creation of Lighthouse WorldWide came about in reaction to the growing ecological problems facing our planet and as an opportunity to make a difference for the world we live in. Together WE can make the global changes that are necessary to help lessen everyone’s ecological impact.

We present you with this website as a place to get the information you need and to help you make informed and responsible decisions. This can and should start with simple conservation and the knowledge that everything we do as a united humankind, definitively has some impact on this beautiful planet we call home.

As the concept for a company catering to the needs of both manufacturers and consumers with an eye to 'going green' matured, it became apparent that there was a great need for a centralized site for all the various types of 'eco-friendly energy' resources.

Researching just one of the many alternative energy possibilities is, at the very least, extremely time consuming. There is a veritable plethora of information, some credible and some not, to wade through on any given energy saving product or concept. To make a comparison accurately, let alone actually find specifications and data sheets for products can be exceptionally difficult and time consuming to find. Locating qualified knowledgeable design engineers, distributors, retailers, contractors, etc. is yet another series of challenges. In the United States of America, the tax incentives and regulations vary greatly from state to state and are constantly changing. It takes a great deal of resources and person-hours to navigate through the maelstrom.

Lighthouse WorldWide will lead you through these treacherous seas!

Our central goal is to help guide you through all of your 'green' projects. Whether it is a simple energy saving idea or an actual need for manufacturing a new product, a new construction requirement or simple energy saving home improvements. We are your OneSource. The Right Light.

We employ dedicated sourcing agents employed by us in all areas of the globe all of whom can and will find exactly what you are looking for and bring it to your door if we do not already have it available for you.

From A to Z no idea or problem that you might like a solution for is too small or too large.

Your satisfaction is job ONE for Lighthouse WorldWide. We will do everything possible to ensure that every aspect of your project has been considered, checked and completed to your specifications.