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LED Insider

300 Carlsbad Village Drive #410
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Tel: 760-230-8045

Fax: 760-230-8045

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Company Description:
LED Insider is a leading world provider of environmentally friendly lighting solutions. We are dedicated to offering cutting edge lighting for home and business applications that are good for the planet and competitively priced.

Our goal is make energy efficient lighting easily available for widespread use in a multitude of arenas; leading to enormous energy savings and carbon-emissions reductions. For example LEDs use as little as one-seventh the energy as an incandescent bulb and can last about 100 times as long, up to 100,000 hours. Additionally, they do not contain mercury, a known environmental contaminant.

The Company was founded in 1999 to provide sustainable lighting for the world market. The company has adopted a universal technology platform to provide for the needs of this high growth market. We are committed to bringing efficient, reliable lighting to customers around the world. LED Insider is currently focused on expanding to new markets, and developing additional products to satisfy the needs of a broad customer base.