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Kichler Lighting

7711 East Pleasant Valley Road
P.O. Box 318010
Cleveland, Ohio 44131-8010

Tel: 866-558-5706

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Company Description:
I n 1954 when Sam Minoff bought a small Cleveland decorative lighting company, he promised to honor Leonard Kichler and never change the name of the company and to maintain the excellence his customers had enjoyed and come to expect since 1938.

Sam has kept both promises, and today:

Kichler Lighting is the world's leading decorative lighting fixture company
Kichler Lighting is winner of 4 ARTS Lighting Manufacturer of the Year awards
Sam Minoff is a member of the Lighting Hall of Fame
Sam Minoff is the inaugural winner of the ARTS Lifetime Achievement Award.

Leadership, loyalty, honesty and quality are the principals he has brought to family-owned Kichler Lighting.

These qualities are an important part of the makeup of every member of the Kichler extended family, each of whom understands decorative home lighting fixtures and who care about our customers. In fact, each member of the Kichler family has been instilled, from the top down, with Sam’s three guiding principals

Customer Care
Product Value
Design Excellence

And it shows. Consumer surveys consistently put Kichler at the top of their list when it comes to quality, reliability and ease of installation.

At Kichler, we take pride in transforming light into beautiful, functional works of art.

Our designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in interior and exterior style, colors and design. Then they translate the best of those trends into fixtures that will bring beauty, pleasure and light into your home to stand the test of time in both quality and design.

The result is a collection of distinctive fixtures that helps you express your personal style, taste and personality - whether it's casual, contemporary, urban or traditional. And to make it easy for you to decorate your entire home, we offer our lighting in family collections.

Kichler Lighting – Giving you a better way of lighting your world is not just our job, it’s our passion.

Why buy Kichler?

* INNOVATION - No matter the category, be it style, application, or price point, Kichler is considered the industry’s most innovative and well-designed brand.

* CONTINUITY - The Kichler brand has been in business continuously since 1938.

* EXPERIENCE - Kichler is family-owned and has a reputation for employing an extended family team of seasoned industry all-stars.

* INVESTMENT - We invest more in research and development than any of our competitors - in our Design and Engineering personnel, proprietary tooling, product technology - you name it.

* EXCELLENCE - We are the only four - time winner in our category of the industry’s prestigious ARTS Award.

* LEADERSHIP - Sam Minoff, Chairman Emeritus, was the inaugural winner of the ARTS Lifetime Achievement Award and has been elected to the Lighting Hall of Fame.

* QUALITY - Kichler is recognized as offering the greatest value proposition for the consumer among decorative lighting manufacturers. Surveys consistently put Kichler at the top of their list when it comes to quality, reliability and ease of installation.

* SERVICE - Kichler maintains a #1 rating in another important cornerstone of product leadership - service. Again, surveys consistently agree that Kichler provides the fastest and most reliable service of any major vendor.

* FASHION - Kichler is known for setting lighting design trends around the world. Its exclusive fashion-forward products include style setting, original finishes, hand applied by world - renowned artisans.

* VALUE - Kichler’s products can fit any home, any décor, any pocketbook.

* STYLE - Since the beginning, Kichler has lead the lighting industry in new, unique, original finishes, each developed to meet or create market demand.