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Energy Tech Sollutions LLC

1304 Nishishin Trail
Madison, WI 53716

Tel: (608) 442-8855

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Company Description:
Energy Tech Solutions, LLC, (ETS) was founded on the concept of creating a comprehensive, single source LED lighting solution consisting of some of the best high-end, proven and tested LED products that exist. Our team of very highly qualified lighting professionals strives to find the companies who have succeeded in building truly quality products and helps them take those products to market through our network of direct accounts and distribution channels. Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of our customerís lighting needs and deliver a compliment of products that serve those needs effectively and efficiently.

Our comprehensive product offerings and manner to which we present them are what separate Energy Tech Solutions from other LED sources. We carefully screen and test each product and the companies that design and produce them to ensure that they meet or exceed our standards prior to adding them to our suite of product offerings. Through this process we find that many products on the market are inferior quality, poorly made and come with false, overinflated claims of performance. Our efforts remove the guesswork and risk from the buying process on behalf of our clients. We pride ourselves in developing strong long-term relationships with not only our various manufactures and LED sources but with our client base as well.

In addition to product selection services we also offer technical expertise including project design, photometric design, energy calculations and LEED consulting to help with the development of your projects. Staff certifications include IESNA Certified, Professional Engineer, (PE) and accredited Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design, (LEED AP).

Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive selection of high quality LED lighting products that exist and supply our customers with a sound lighting solution that is sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible.