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CAO Group Inc.

4628 West Skyhawk Drive
West Jordan
UT 84084
United States

Tel: 801-256-9282

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Company Description:
The CAO Group, Inc.(CAO), under the direction of Dr. Densen Cao, PhD, offers design, integration and manufacturing of medical, dental, and forensic devices, optoelectronic components, signage, and lighting products. CAO is headquartered in West Jordan (Salt Lake City) Utah with manufacturing facilities in both West Jordan, UT and Langfang (Beijing) China. The US manufacturing facility which is 13485 certified produces medical and dental products for global market. CAO has two manufacturing facilities in China - CAO China Medical Equipment Co, Ltd which is a Chinese government approved facility for production and sales of medical/dental products and Golden Valley Optoelectronics Co, Ltd which is a TS 16949 certified facility production of Optoelectronic products. The company has RD centers in both US and Beijing China for advanced technologies.

CAO is an innovation leader. Every product produced by CAO is from its innovation. CAO has filed more than 100 US patents with more than 30 of them being issued. CAO perform the design, integration, and manufacturing in one process for our customers. Our advanced technology, high quality, superior service, and competitive price are our commitments to our customers.

Medical - CAO is an innovation leader in soft tissue surgical laser for medical applications. CAO's DenLaserTM soft tissue laser product line, which include many FDA approved procedures, feature innovative fiber management, compact, portable, easiness of use, and low cost of ownership. Please see medical products for detailed information.

Dental - CAO is a leader to OEM advanced dental equipment and materials for dentistry. Our core competence in dental products are soft tissue lasers, LED curing light, CAD/CAM system, Ultrasonic treatment, dental materials and delivery tools, dental lab equipment. Please see Dental products for detailed information

Forensic - CAO is the first manufacturing to introducing LED technology into forensic field. Our forensic light features replaceable light sources, high intensity, portable, and easiness of use. Our ballistic laser features portable, easiness of use and low cost. Please see Forensic products for detailed information.

Optoelectronic Components - CAO has an expanding line of optoelectronic components that includes the latest innovation in LED technology the Dynasty High Flux LED. The Dynasty and MediaVista line of through-hole LEDs are placing CAO on the map as a pioneering optoelectronic manufacturer. CAO also carries a line of LED displays that include: numeric, alphanumeric, dot matrix, vacuum fluorescent displays and custom designs. Please see Opto Components for detailed information.

Solid State Signage - CAO is the first company to produce a pixel light source, LuxemBright TM, for channel letter illuminations. The product features high intensity, easiness of use, high quality, and lower cost. Please see Signage Products for detailed information.

Solid State Lighting - CAO's LED light engines provide solutions for solid state lighting in many field including chandler lighting, task lighting, solar lighting, and mining. Please see Lighting Products for details.

CAO is committed to our customers for cutting edge technologies, high quality, superior service, and competitive price.