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Canada LEDS

770 Othello Court, Suite 92
Ontario L5W 1Y3

Tel: 905 696 8954

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Company Description:

Canada LEDS was founded in 2003, this was the time when LED lighting was still beginning to make its presence felt by some bright lights in a few areas. This was a very new and strange product known to very few.

At Canada LEDS we bring highly innovative LED lighting products to every individual, touching every part of their lives, to ensure personal and long term savings.

Mission from Canada LEDS to our Customers

Doing what’s right the first time, every time. We at Canada LEDS are very sensitive to our customers needs we strive to exceed the high expectation and standards in terms of our LED products and services. When the lighting load is reduced the air-conditioning load is reduced by the same amount when carrying out heat load calculations. The life of LED lighting ranges from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours reducing the lighting load by up to 80%. This provides savings in running, replacement and labor costs, together with a reduction in Co2 emissions.
Company Profile

Growth: Canada LEDS, today is one of the fastest growing companies in North America. With the rapid growth in technology, we at Canada LEDS continued to encourage the growth of the industry by introducing the best in LED products and also the best in LED technology.

LED lighting has always been at the forefront and will continue to be with us. You are very well aware that using LED lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. LED lighting is quickly becoming the leading solution to energy efficiency and environmentally friendly lighting systems

Custom Design/Tailor made Solutions: Canada LEDS provides you with the world's best solid state LED lighting solutions. Besides supplying various LED products we have also been entrusted by clients to provide them custom made designs and solutions. We offer our clients one stop solutions for creating personalized LED lighting solutions. It doesn't matter if you have a drawing or vision we can turn it into a reality.

We are backed by a group of most experienced professionals and can create almost every possible concept into reality. We are specialists in LED lighting solutions that are safe to use, have a long lifetime and are low maintenance.

Consultations & Applications
Our team of experienced technical, sales and support personnel will assist you seek out and make the best selection for your requirements. We can also provide you with value-added engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Technical Support
We back our customers with Technical Support in providing technical advice & information for product applications, production processes and troubleshooting.