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C. Crane

C. Crane Company, Inc
1001 Main Street
Fortuna, CA 95540

Tel: 1-800-522-8863

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Company Description:
In 1997 we began experimenting with white LEDs. In 1998 we made our first Freeplay radio with an amber LED emergency light. When they became available, this was converted to white LEDs for our emergency flashlight. C. Crane introduced the first multi-bulb white LED flashlight in the United States in 1998. It is called the CCTrek Light and is manufactured by Tektite in Trenton, New Jersey. We still market the CCTrek light and it is still made in the U.S. Our first 120 Volt white LED bulb was marketed in 2001.

Today, C. Crane is a leading distributor of high performance radios in the U.S. and a major distributor of white LED products. C. Crane has a commitment to quality and customer service.