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Sedna launch Energy Savings Calculator

Jan 20, 2014

Sedna LED

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Sedna have launched an interactive energy savings calculator that customers can use to work out exactly how much they can expect to save by making the switch to a more efficient lighting solution. Customers looking to install LED tube lights, panel lights, high bay lights and downlights input their details of a proposed installation to gain a unique savings figure.

Unlike the sales claims or product efficiency statistics provided by many manufactuers, the energy calculation factors in a customers useage, inculding the number of lamps looking to be installed, how reguarly they are powered on and for what periods of time to give a personalised result.

Some critics are wary of the bold life-span and efficiency claims made by some manufactuers of LEDs leaving people wondering if an upgrade is worthwhile, so Sedna have created an app which calculates a precise annual saving and payback period based upon the maintenance costs, unit costs and likely consumption level.

With this innovative app people can see with their own eyes the massive savings that come with LED lighting, rather than a salesperson claim, as they see personalised and dedicated payback and savings figures, tailored to their own application. The calculator will also demonstrate carbon emission reduction figures - something so important at a time when businesses and customers are considering their social responsibility.

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