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Seesmart® LED and Lagotek® Deliver Integrated Commercial Energy Management Solutions

Nov 02, 2010


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LED lighting manufacturer Seesmart, Inc. of Simi Valley, CA is partnering with control systems manufacturer Lagotek Corporation of Bellevue, WA to deliver state-of-the-art energy solutions to commercial customers. Seesmart’s full line of LED lighting products can now be controlled to include zoning and dimming capabilities and programmable events. Seesmart customers will be able to achieve even greater energy savings by utilizing Lagotek’s integrated intelligent control system to regulate and automate a building’s energy usage.

The Lagotek Building Intelligence System, or BIS, combines lighting, shading, and climate controls to reduce the overall energy used by a building while maintaining a comfortable, functional work environment. The system’s centralized architecture renders it easy to use, upgrade and expand. It offers local and whole building control and can be securely managed remotely from any web browser.

“Seesmart’s partnership with Lagotek enables Seesmart to transition further from a lighting manufacturer to a complete energy solutions company,” says Raymond Sjolseth, President of Seesmart, Inc. “We’re thrilled to offer Lagotek’s sophisticated building automation system integrated with our LED lighting solutions.”

On average, 20% of energy costs for commercial buildings are for lighting and 52% for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Seesmart LED lighting can reduce lighting costs by 50%-90%, depending upon a facility’s current lighting. By adding Lagotek energy management, the overall savings can reach 40%-50% for the combined costs of lighting and HVAC.

About Seesmart LED

Seesmart LED is a complete LED lighting solutions company with decades of experience in research and development, manufacturing and distribution. Seesmart offers a broad product line to meet most commercial or residential needs and delivers rapid ROI, high-quality products backed by up to a five-year warranty, immediate energy savings and true retrofit solutions. For more information, please visit

About Lagotek Corporation

Lagotek Corporation develops, markets, and supports residential and commercial technology systems based upon patent-pending and company-owned intellectual property. Lagotek’s software runs building automation hardware, providing users with complete control over all home, office and industrial electrical systems. Lagotek stands apart from its automation predecessors because of its guaranteed quality of service, extensible platform design and mass-market affordability. For more information, please visit

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