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Sharp Displays LED Lighting at CES to be Released in U.S. This Spring

Jan 06, 2010


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Room Innovations
Today, consumer behavior is increasingly geared towards healthy, safe lifestyles. As a result of consumer demand for better indoor air quality – free of bacteria, allergens and unpleasant odors – health-related products are becoming more and more popular. Sharp’s Plasmacluster® Air Purifiers, employ a unique combination of technologies to quietly and efficiently clean and refresh the air in a home. Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster ion technology is the leading air purification technology in Japan and Sharp is planning for widespread use around the world. Also on display in Sharp’s CES 2010 booth is LED lighting, which the company will begin rolling out in the U.S. this spring. LED lighting is non-hazardous, using eco-friendly components and contains no mercury. Since LEDs are a solid-state light source they generate less heat and are more durable, leading to a longer lifespan.

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