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LEDnovation Introduces World's Highest Efficiency Design White A19 LED Light Bulbs for Incandescent and CFL Replacement

Nov 10, 2009


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Nov 10, 2009
TAMPA, FL – LEDnovation, Inc. introduces world’s highest efficiency state-of-the-art LED
bulb for the North American Market. “This is a continuing milestone in our energy efficiency
brought to life solutions” stated Israel J. Morejon, CEO of LEDnovation.

This 5000K LED lamp delivers 350 Lumens, with a typical 100 Lumen/Watt efficacy. The bulb
offers significant power reduction compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs. This Design White
bulb consumes 91 % less electricity than a standard 40W incandescent bulb and 65% less than a
standard CFL bulb which has been considered the standard for greener lighting. The Lamps
feature Recycle Reflectance™ optics technology, which reduces overall glare and delivers an
extremely uniform and smooth light output.

Lighting will play an integral role in energy conservation worldwide. Energy usage in buildings
is the cause of approximately 40% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions. LEDnovation’s LED lamps
can play a key role in reducing emissions and helping “net-zero” building technology get on the
fast track. LEDnovation can now replace inefficient lighting found in a great majority of legacy
buildings in the US. “We are very excited about this product, it offers so much potential to
conserve precious electricity,” added Mr. Morejon.

“Our proprietary and patent pending technology delivers the highest performing Design White
in the market today. This adds to our continuing portfolio of solutions for the Solid State
Lighting market. We will continue to deliver products for the North American market and
eventually roll out our solutions world-wide” commented Mr. Morejon.

The product is targeted at downlights and other indoor general lighting applications in the
commercial and industrial markets. This next generation bulb is part of the EnhanceLite™ series
of LED bulbs. LEDnovation’s 40W equivalent LED A19-40-1D-I product is scheduled to be
commercially available in December 2009 for the North American market.

For further information please contact:
Bill Blackley
LEDnovation, Inc.
Tel: (813) 891-9665

About LEDnovation
LEDnovation is a pioneering product and technology company in the Solid State Lighting
market. The company is committed to delivering energy efficient, eco-friendly lighting products
through the development and deployment of innovative LED lamps and luminaires.
LEDnovation’s technological breakthroughs use a fraction of the energy required to power
incandescent bulbs without the use of mercury common in CFL or Compact Fluorescent bulbs.
The products are targeted for several markets including the commercial, industrial, retail, cruise
line, gaming, airports, hospitality and residential markets.

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