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Oct 01, 2009

Advanced Lumonics LLC / EarthLED

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Boca Raton, FL, April 22, 2008 - Advanced Lumonics, LLC - An early innovator in the direct replacement LED market through its consumer oriented EarthLED brand announces its latest product, the EarthLED EvoLux. Launched in celebration of Earth Day 2008, the EvoLux marks a true milestone in the development of direct replacement LED light bulbs. While the EvoLux consumes only 13 watts, it provides room filling light equivalent to that of a 100 watt incandescent. The EvoLux also contains an advanced active cooling system making it the coolest running light bulb in the world. This advanced thermal management also allows the bulb to run reliably for over 50,000 hours.

In a time when Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) have been garnering much attention for both their energy saving properties and their potentially hazardous mercury content. The EvoLux offers a true alternative to both CFL's and Incandescents. Specifically, the EvoLux provides the following advantages over CFL bulbs:

- Zero Hazardous Material Content - No Mercury, Lead or other hazardous substances. Completely RoHs Compliant.

- Increased Efficiency - Due to the unique design of the EvoLux base that wastes no light, a greater than 95% luminary efficiency rating can be achieved compared to 60-70% with a CFL.

- Cooler Operation - EvoLux bulbs operate in a thermally efficient manner as well. After just two minutes of use a 100 watt incandescent is already close to 280 degrees F while a CFL is a 160 degrees. Under the same conditions our EvoLux is only 84 degrees. This ensures further energy savings from a reduction in latent heat induced cooling costs and provides another level of household safety.

- Longer Life - The EvoLux can also offer the prospect of a much longer lifespan than CFL products. Many consumers are finding out that inexpensive CFL bulbs offer only a fraction of the lifespan that they are advertised to have, this is often caused by inconsistencies in manufacturing and large tolerance ranges.

The EarthLED EvoLux is available in two different versions, EvoLux S and EvoLux R (Available May 2008). The EvoLux R builds upon the strengths of the EvoLux S but adds a unique dimming feature called EvoDim which allows the bulb to turn any light bulb into a dimming socket. Simply turn the bulb on and off rapidly to cycle through three different light outputs. The bulb will even remember your last setting. This makes it easy to switch from a room filling light to a soft night light with just a simple click of a switch.

The EarthLED EvoLux can be ordered directly from or through one of the many EarthLED distribution partners starting today with an list price of $99 for the EvoLux S.

For additional information on EvoLux or EarthLED please visit or call 1-877-855-1625.

About Advanced Lumonics, LLC

Boca Raton based Advanced Lumonics, LLC is an early leader in the direct replacement and professional Solid State Lighting (SSL) market. Through their popular EarthLED brand, Advanced Lumonics has rapidly increased awareness of LED lighting as a true alternative to CFL and Incandescents in the consumer marketplace and has become a leader in this space.

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