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WAC Lighting Introduces OLED Prototypes At 2009 Lightfair International

Aug 29, 2009

WAC Lighting

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NEW YORK CITY---Providing an insightful look at energy efficient, sustainable products that represent the future of architectural lighting, WAC Lighting is truly raising its brand standard to "Responsible Lighting" with the introduction of innovative OLED fixture prototypes at the 2009 Lightfair International. WAC Lighting, a leading manufacturer and designer of track, recessed, undercabinet, monorail and decorative lighting, develops nearly all of its responsible products in the family owned, ISO 9001-certified manufacturing campus with in-house UL approved testing labs.

WAC Lighting unveiled an OLED mini chandelier and an OLED wall sconce. The OLED Wall Sconce features six color changeable three-inch OLEDs. The mini chandelier uses eight colorful, transparent, one-inch OLEDs, including a panel that depicted the WAC Lighting logo. The power consumption is only 0.18-watt for each OLED, and together with the case, the thickness is just two millimeters.

According to Shelley Wang, President of WAC Lighting, "Our OLED prototypes reflect WAC's commitment to 'Responsible Lighting' and sustainable, energy efficient lighting. These OLED prototypes attracted a great deal of attention at Lightfair and we realize that a large number of designers and specifiers are very excited to see us take OLEDs to the next level.

"Many designers and specifiers wanted to know how long it would take for WAC to integrate OLED technology into viable lighting products," continued Ms. Wang. "They loved the transparency of the panels, the unique quality, the dimmability, the sustainability, and operation without a heat sink. Specifiers touched the panels and were impressed to learn that the fixtures were operating at room temperature. OLED is a flat light source and heat dissipation is more efficient, in contrast to heat accumulation of LED (point-source). The panels are energy efficient, thus they turn energy to light instead of heat."

An OLED (Organic Light Emitting Device or Organic Light Emitting Diode) features a thin film display technology that began to appear in cell phones and other small-screen applications in early 2000. OLED screens consist of a series of organic layers between two electrical contacts (electrodes). OLEDs are monolithic, with each layer deposited on the other, creating a single unit. Commonly constructed on glass, OLEDs can also be fabricated on plastic and other flexible films.

OLEDs offer bright, colorful images with a wide viewing angle, low power, and high contrast ratio. They can also be made transparent, enabling them to function in heads-up displays and even as window shades that react to sunlight. OLEDs do not need backlights, and screens can be made ultra thin. OLED's color, speed, thinness, transparency and flexibility (see roll-up illustration below) make it a very versatile display technology.

Ms. Wang added, "Using OLED for lighting application is still in the infancy stage. Our research scientists are exploring the technology and anticipating rapid progress in commercial applications, in the years to come."

About W.A.C. Lighting

WAC Lighting has developed a stellar reputation for high quality decorative and task lighting lines backed by an extraordinary level of service, an unprecedented shipping record, and an extension of its Product Warranty to Five Years.

To reflect Green energy saving strategies, social progress and community involvement, WAC has recently changed its logo and tagline to “Responsible Lighting.” Helping to lead the industry’s sustainability charge, the firm has contributed to social progress with responsible manufacturing practices and energy saving technology. The firm employs stringent sourcing, water recycling, lead-free and zero-landfill capabilities in our wholly owned, Clean ISO 9001-certified manufacturing campus. Sustainable CFL and LED lighting products have been added to the extensive line with the most energy efficient technology available. As progress is measured in quality of life, WAC strives to advance employee empowerment, community involvement with major global and local foundations, and diversity in the workplace.

Innovative and integrated systems technologies are hallmarks of the WAC Lighting product line, which offers many recent introductions:

* InvisiLED? tape light featuring energy-saving display and accent lighting solutions using the latest LED technology;

* Modernism?—a collection of hand blown opal glass energy saving luminaires.

* DUORAIL?-- The smallest 2-circuit low voltage monorail system available.

* New Brushed Nickel and Bronze Track and Track Fixtures.

Also available is a broad range of products: stunning art glass pendants; Low/Line Voltage Track Systems; Line and Low Voltage Recessed Downlights; Line/Low-Voltage Single and Two-Circuit Monorail Systems; Crystal Beauty Spots; Wall Sconces; Single and Multiple Canopy fixtures; Counter Balance Adjustables; SMART Transformers?; and other specialty lighting items.

The firm retains its corporate headquarters and east coast distribution center in Garden City, NY, a west coast distribution center and offices in City of Industry, Calif., and a showroom in Dallas. Nearly 90% of WAC Lighting products are fabricated, including components, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing campus in China.

WAC Lighting is headquartered at 615 South Street, Garden City, New York 11530. The phone is 1.800.526.2588, and the fax is 1.800.526.2585. The email address is and the website is

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