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Green light bulbs give GlacialLight the edge in LED lighting

Jan 23, 2009

Glacial Light

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23 January 2009, Taiwan, Taipei – LED light manufacturer GlacialLight, a sub-division of the experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc has strategically placed itself as one of the frontrunners of the emerging energy saving LED lighting technology market. As a seasoned Taiwan manufacturer of IT power and heatsink products, GlacialTech management decided that their existing experience in manufacturing computer parts suffices for the crucial components of LED lighting. This puts GlacialLight in a position to make superior and cost effective products to bring the LED Company to the fore of current LED manufacturers. In addition GlacialLight is well positioned to enhance its contribution to the global need to save energy to conserve our planet.

Why GlacialLight chose LED lighting instead of CFL energy saving bulbs
The high brightness green energy saving bulbs from GlacialLight are constructed with light emitting diodes (LED) rather than using traditional methods such as Incandescent and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL). The LED solution is by far the greener solution and in combination with the GlacialTech family’s RoHS energy compliant certification, each and every product is certified heavy metal free. The future of lighting is embracing LED technology in every way, with many green conscious governments enforcing LED globes and bulbs for street lighting and other public areas to bring savings to bloated energy bills. These global events will bring broad scale change and energy savings directly to tax payer’s pockets and GlacialLight is ideally placed to secure its place at the forefront of the LED lighting arena.
Why LED lights are better
The GlacialLight LED product range offers considerable power savings while extending long product life cycles under normal conditions. The advantages of LED lighting adding to the lowering of the world’s carbon footprint cannot be underestimated.

What Products are available from GlacialLight
GlacialTech is developing a comprehensive range of products under the GlacialLight brand, stretching from street lighting solutions to all forms of industrial and architectural lighting. The products on offer and in development include serious product enhancements over the current range of competing products available on the market, such as MR16 / PAR30 / BR20 / BR30 / BR40 / T8 Tubes and Spotlights as well as Streetlights to name a few. Please see more GREEN products at

About GlacialLight
GlacialTech Inc., is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for the consumer and industrial applications. Having established strong relationships with LED semiconductor Co.'s, thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide high brightness, low power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and other customized applications under the GlacialLight brand. For more information visit

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