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GlacialLight launches revolutionary LED Light Bar#LS

Apr 08, 2009


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08,April, 2009, Taiwan, Taipei - GlacialLight the new sub-brand of GlacialTech is at the forefront to launching an innovative new LED lighting product. The Light bar is ideal for replacing current Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) or incandescent lights for all kinds of on display lighting. This extends from cove lighting, cabinet and bookshelf low intensity lighting, to something brighter and more appealing, ideal for attracting eyes to a display in a showcase. For the first time, these LED's are dimmable without the risk of breakage. These huge advances in LED technology bring LED lights and bulbs that much closer to completely replacing traditional lighting.

Light Bar Highlights:

 Built-in dimming circuit for LED light bar
 Extendable light bar, patented modular design
 No dark zones and seamless connection
 Built-in LED driver for a stable and uniform light output
 No-polarity design, prevents incorrect installation
 Lengths:30, 60, 90 and 120cm available

The Light Bar

The light bar is a completely unique array of LED lights which spread light uniformly across a narrow bar, similar to CFL tubes. The LED light bar has a built-in driver for Voltage regulation, with special non-polar connection links, so that many light bars can be connected in series. The products come in eight (8) different models, varying in size from 30, 60, 90 and 120cm , while the different models cater for different light temperatures from 2300Kelvin(K) to 6300K and a variegated light Intensity between 190-1000 lumen depending on the model. A unique feature includes different connectors which can be added as spacers between the light bars in series. Each different connector can be used in different situations. The closest being a direct seamless and rigid link between the bars, or on the other extreme, something more flexible with a cable between them. Each variation gives this green LED lighting product more form and function than anything currently available in markets today.

The high brightness green energy saving LED bulbs from GlacialLight are constructed with light emitting diodes (LED) which add significant advantages over traditional lighting. The LED lighting solution is by far the greener solution and in combination with the GlacialTech family's RoHS energy compliant certification, each and every product is certified heavy metal free. GlacialLight is ideally placed to secure its place at the forefront of the LED lighting arena.

Advantages of LED compared to traditional lighting

LED lights offer many advantages and benefits compared to traditional Filament and CFL products, such as directional lighting, which is ideal for torches, streetlights and spotlights. There are no starting problems in cold environments because LED's are “Instant on” with no warm up time needed as seen in conventional CFL lighting. In addition, LED lighting solutions do not contain environmentally hazardous metals such as mercury or sodium and do not emit potentially harmful Ultraviolet radiation or Infrared radiation like Halogen lamps. Another benefit is the extremely long life cycle of around 30 000 hrs which lowers maintenance costs in the long term.

Wide product range under development

GlacialTech is developing a comprehensive range of products under the GlacialLight brand, stretching from street lighting solutions to all forms of industrial and architectural lighting. The products on offer and in development include serious product enhancements over the current range of competing products available on the market, such as MR16 / BR20 / BR30 / BR40 / T8 Tubes and Spotlights as well as streetlights and street lighting and now the Light Bar.

About GlacialLight Inc.
GlacialTech Inc., is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for the consumer and industrial applications. Having established strong relationships with LED semiconductor Co.'s, thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide high brightness, low power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and other customized applications under the GlacialLight brand. For more information visit

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