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Oct 09, 2006


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Carrollton, TX – North Church is known for their highly progressive approach to God’s ministries. North Church was first educated on LED lighting for special effect applications by Mark Reed of Wiedamark LLC. “As soon as they recognized the benefits of LED’s, they started looking for ways to enjoy the short and long term benefits of LED lighting for their illumination objectives,” stated Mark Reed. “When they approached us for a solution to their fluorescent fixtures, enLux was our first choice due to light output, quality and color temperature options.”

“We are very proud that North Church has chosen the enLux LED Floodlights to bring a better lighting ambience for their church,” commented Bonnie Quick, director of sales for enLux. “The enLux R30 floodlights provide a “warm” environment and lighting levels for church members to read from their bibles; plus, providing the benefits of reduced maintenance and electrical costs.”
Lighting accounts for 25–30 percent of the total energy used in the United States, of which 20 percent goes to extra air conditioning to remove unwanted heat (from lighting). In fact, more than 95 percent of the energy consumed by a standard incandescent bulb is given off as heat, while less than 5 percent is converted into light!

enLux Lighting, the innovator in LED (light emitting diode) technology, patented R30 LED Floodlights, the first LED-based drop-in replacement for incandescent floodlights. Designed to be energy efficient and sustainable, the enLux LED floodlight typically uses just 15 watts and has a life of 50,000 hours which is 25 times longer than an incandescent floodlight

The LED R30 Floodlight Series as well as other enLux products are available through enLux dealers and the online store on the website. For more information, visit the enLux website:
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About enLux:
enLux is an award-winning manufacturer and innovator of LED technology based in Chandler, Arizona and is dedicated to research and development of more efficient lighting that is bright, safe, environmentally-friendly as well as highly energy efficient.
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Color photography of all enLux products is available from Bonnie Quick and Ronald Mascenti.
October 9, 2006

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