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Aug 09, 2006


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CHANDLER, AZ -- enLux™ LED floodlights will now be available with the GU-24 pin base that is being mandated by California Title 24 energy requirements and EPA ENERGY Star® guidelines, enLux Lighting announced today. ENERGY Star for Residential Light Fixtures (RLF) has announced that it anticipates including LED fixtures in its RLF Specification and is currently developing criteria. The GU-24 Pin base insures that only high energy efficient lights can be used in ENERGY Star qualified houses and buildings.

The screw base and new GU-24 pin base enLux floodlights comply with California
Title 22 for hazardous waste as they do not contain any toxic gases or hazardous materials. No ballast, separate wiring or transformer is required for the enLux LED floodlight. While incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are hazardous and not recyclable, all enLux LED lighting products, including the new GU-24 base floodlights, are 100% recyclable.
The enLux LED White Floodlights in three tones of white - warm (2800K), neutral (3300K) and cool (4100K) - replace 45-65 watt incandescent floodlights. The enLux LED Accent Floodlights red, green, blue or amber plus eighteen custom colors, emit roughly twice the amount of light as a 100 Watt color incandescent. Both the White and Accent Floodlights use only 15 Watts on average and remain cool to the touch. This is possible because of the enLux patented LED light engine. They have a life of 50,000 hours, 25 times longer than an incandescent floodlight. The aluminum fin acts as a heat sink surrounding the light, which maintains its cool operating temperature. The floodlights are available with a variety of fin colors.
“Being the first LED light with the GU-24 pin-type base is an important LED lighting advancement by our engineers who developed the first LED floodlight that is a drop-in replacement for inefficient incandescent lights,” stated Mr. DJ Chou, president of enLux Lighting. “The Department of Energy states ‘Solid-State lighting (SSL) offers the Department and our nation so much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments.’
“We designed and produced the first LED (SSL) light with a screw-base for use as general illumination. While designed for commercial and residential lighting applications, the GU-24’s primary use will be in residential recessed can and down lighting for kitchens, hallways, baths, and
bedrooms. This new enLux Floodlight feature is especially important to new home builders and homeowners committed to achieving energy efficiency and the highest LEED rating possible.
“The new enLux LED GU-24 advancement is one of our primary goals, to be the vanguard of technology-based change and an aggressive steward of the environment in the lighting industry.
The most significant energy savings in America will come from savings from reduced residential
energy consumption. The Department of Energy estimates LED lighting can reduce energy costs
during the next 20 years by more than $100 billion. Most experts agree LED is the future of
lighting and enLux Lighting is leading the way with its LED lighting technology available today.”
In November 2004 the editors of Popular Science® magazine named the enLux™ LED Floodlight as the ‘Best Of What’s New’ Grand Award winner in the Home Tech Category. “We continue to improve LED lighting technology applications, performance of existing products, as well as develop new LED solutions and products,” Mr. Chou elaborated.

The enLux LED Floodlight is UL-approved for indoor, outdoor, and wet locations, and can be purchased online at, or from lighting distributors. Each light comes with a two-year warranty. The Web site has details.

About enLux:
enLux is an award-winning manufacturer and innovator of LED technology based in Chandler, Arizona and has developed such products as the R30 LED Floodlight, 6K Series OutdoorArea Light and the 1K Series LED Light Bar Module. enLux is dedicated to research and development of more efficient lighting that is bright, safe, environmentally-friendly as well as highly energy efficient.
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