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Kichler Introduces New LED Lighting, Taking Landscape Lighting to an Entirely New Level

Feb 21, 2007

Kichler Lighting

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CLEVELAND—Feb. 21, 2007—Imagine not having to change the bulbs in your landscape lighting for 18 years! That’s right – no more wrestling through bushes or wading in ponds year after year to swap out bulbs. That’s what Kichler is offering with its new line of LED accent fixtures . Kichler’s LED fixtures offer five watts of warm, white light with low energy use, providing 40,000 hours of life, or on average, 18 years of consumption, and longevity isn’t the only perk.

“Like energy efficient lighting, LED lighting has grown in leaps and bounds,” said Maria Burk, systems marketing manager at Kichler Lighting, the world’s leading decorative lighting manufacturer. “No longer do LEDs give off cold, blue hues. In fact, now, they’r e being produced in the same temperature range as incandescent bulbs, so they emit the same warm lighting that you’re used to while achieving dramatic highlighting effects at a lower wattage.”< /font>

Powered by Nichia Corporation, Kichler’s LED products are small in profile for use in tight spaces. The line also offers faceted hexagon fixtures for better wedging between rocks. Available in die-cast aluminum or polymer options for underwater use, the LED products can be used for up or down detail lighting, near or underwater, staked, or flange mounted for deck and rail light. They are offered with a complete line of accessories, including colored lenses in blue, amber, green and red.

Founded in 1938 in Cleveland, Ohio, Kichler is a world leader in decorative lighting designs. This heritage has expanded over time to include landscape lighting, outdoor decorative lanterns, and site lighting solutions that provide broad outdoor architectural and residential applications.

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