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New High-Power LED MR16 Bulbs Consuming Three Watts for 12VAC/DC & 24VDC Systems Are a Great Replacement for 20-to-30Watt Incandescent MR16 Bulbs

Nov 29, 2007


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TORRANCE, CA - November 29, 2007 - LEDtronics introduces an addition to its line of drop-in replacement MR16-styled LED bulbs: High-powered 3Watt LED MR16 bulbs. These new 3Watt MR16 LED bulbs have two big advantages over other MR16 LED bulbs. First, they are engineered to handle the variations in voltages that may accompany “noisy” or “dirty” AC or DC power supplies, eliminating potential burnout from incoming voltage that is higher than the lamp’s capacity. Second, the new 3Watt MR16 bulbs eliminate the need to stock a variety of LED MR16 bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that power supplies of 12Volt AC/DC – 24Volt DC may present, simplifying procurement and inventory procedures.
High-powered 3Watt LED MR16 bulbs (Series Number MR16-3W) have the following characteristics; bi-pin bases just like standard incandescent MR16 bulbs, and light outputs of 102.9 lumens using only 2.6Watts with 12Volts DC, 120.6lumens using only 3.7Watts with 12Volts AC, and 140.7 lumens using only 3.8Watts with 24Volts DC. The bulb features three High-Power LEDs and is offered in Cool White (6500 Kelvin) and Warm White (3000 Kelvin) color temperatures. Both Warm and Cool Whites are offered in 61° beam angles (2?˝). With factory approval, MR16-3W bulbs may be ordered in other LED colors, voltages and beam angles. MR16-3W bulbs carry a three-year limited warranty. Unlike halogen MR16 lamps that create potentially damaging heat and have caused fires when accidentally in contact with other objects, LED-sourced MR16-3W bulbs generate less heat while operating and pose no threat to the objects they are illuminating or their surroundings. Lighting professionals, architects, industrial designers and maintenance departments will find these MR16-3W lamps to be excellent solutions for their maintenance-free and low-voltage applications. MR16-3W lamps are commonly used for accent, task, and display lighting, track lighting in museums, jewelry stores, and hotels. They are excellent for both residential lighting situations and entertainment venues like theaters, restaurants, and theme parks.

With an average White LED lifespan of up to 50,000-hours (five years), LEDs operate reliably year after year. Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental fluctuation. Integrated current-limited resistors prevent short-circuiting. LED lamps use only 10%-20% of the energy consumed by equivalent incandescent lamps. When combined with their maintenance-free operation this results in substantial cost savings.

The price of an MR16-3W LED bulb is $47.04 each. Discounts are available for large quantity orders. Availability is stock to 4-6 weeks for special requirements. For additional information, contact LEDtronics toll free at 1-800-579-4875, telephone 310-534-1505, fax at 310-534-1424, click here to email us or mail at LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505. Visit our website at

Read the product datasheet online at: LED Light Bulb, MR16 Base, 12VAC/DC & 24VDC, 3Watts

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